Hello Spring!

March is finally here! Its officially Springtime! Buds are out, random tiny flowers are starting to show up. Weather is getting warmer. Seeing the sunshine makes my day!

Early spring is the time for vigorous change, a preparation for the heat-driven oppression that is to come ~ Henry Rollins

Jardim Botanico

A botanical garden in the city area, located in an upscale neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro and quite far from a favela has millions of plant species unique to Brazil. Though I visited this place quite a while back and reminiscing the event, I spent almost 4 hours in this huge and beautiful garden. Be prepared to do a lot of walking!

Rio Favelas

Taken from our accommodation, Casa Caminho do Corcovado, in Cosme Velho, an area close to the Corcovado mountain where the famous Christo Redento statue is located.

Favelas are a common scene in Rio as they are mostly located on hill slopes with a very colorful theme. It can be seen as soon as you get into a transportation to your destination. A lot of tourists take a guided tour to the area. The area often has a very narrow and busy alley walkways.